About the Foundation

The Euclid Public Library Foundation is a non-profit corporation guided by its Board of Trustees and members. It is established to promote and encourage quality library services, activities and facilities.

The Foundation’s Purpose is to:

  • Build an endowment for the continuing support of the library;
  • Secure resources, separate from public funds, to promote special library programs, activities and projects for citizens of all ages;
  • Give donors the means to make a difference in the future of the city of Euclid by nurturing this strong community institution.

What is the Euclid Public Library Foundation Endowment Fund?

This endowment fund is a permanently held pool of gifts that provides ongoing financial help to the Euclid Public Library Foundation and its programs. The Cleveland Foundation manages this endowment fund, investing the gifts for prudent growth. Each year, a percentage of the endowment is available for the operation of our organization.

Donors who contribute to our fund can be assured their gifts will live on in perpetuity, helping the Euclid Public Library’s needs well into the future.

Foundation Board of Trustees

Michael Galandiuk – President

Maryanne Hiti – Vice President

Carmen Epps – Treasurer

Bess DeTardo-Antol – Secretary

May Bana (Emeritus member)

Mary Cavanaugh

Ed Dickson (Emeritus member)

Norman Henderson

Myra Jerkic

Claudia Mansperger

Carole Price (Emeritus member)

Charles Stenger II

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